Thursday, February 23, 2017

Week 5 Homework Assignment

For this week:

  • Out of the Magic the Gathering cards you took home from class and choose one of each: character, creature, environment, magic effect. Each one you choose doesn't have to be exclusive to each category. For example the card you choose for the environment can have a character on it, etc.

  • Working from your long figure paintings from class, create a finished book cover illustration. Use a vertical format (unless you want to create a full jacket illustration) and leave space in your compositions for a title and author's name. 8.5x11" is a standard book cover format. Add in whatever background, narrative, additional characters/elements, etc you like. 
Some things to consider for your book covers: 
  • A book cover should 1. Be eye catching so people can notice it among the many other books on the shelves (think about strong, clear values and colors) and 2. Convey what the book is about in one image. If your story has a soldier on it, it's about some kind of war, but what's the mood? Is it a hopeful story about comradery where the war is won at the end, or is it a bleak, gruesome look at the horrors soldiers go through?
  • You can create your own title, but consider creating a cover for an existing story. It can be a movie, a book, a TV series, or whatever, but having material to pull from and knowing what the cover should be about will really help push your illustrations. You can illustrate a key story moment or a piece that conveys the overall mood of the story.
  • When you're planning out and composing your image, add in a temporary box outlining where any text will be to help you avoid any important elements getting covered up.

Print your covers for next week on 11x17"

Good luck guys!


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  1. Hi! Are we constricted to the military theme, or could I actually change it up a bit more? I'd love to paint something more fantasy or sci fi. For example, could I take the soldier and swap it out with a dragon? Or maybe put a figure in a similar pose, same lighting with a dragon?

    It would be helpful to see what the students in the last class produced in class and then what they did when they went home.

    - Kat