Monday, March 27, 2017

Katherine Rasmussen Week 10 progress


Hi everyone! Here's my progress so far this week. Right now I'm trying to figure out what reads better as an offering, I really like my new banana leaf boat but I'm worried that the form won't read when shrunk to card size. Here are some other options:




I'd appreciate any feedback! Thanks


Made a lot of progress, working on what I hope are the finishing touches. Trying to give the image a clearer read. Also toying with the idea of the glowing geo affecting the gravity of the flower petals. Making them float around it. Would that add value to the image or is it distracting?


  1. The boat definitely reads better than the little bowl. And at a smaller size, I can see the banana boat somewhat, but it is coming off a bit vague in the central area between the three lit spots. That might be okay if you're having the priestess be the focus; although the lit spots are coming off quite strong to me. THe very first thing I see is the candle and the two little green spots (the contrast is really high there). The priestess as of right now, feels like the second fiddle, although a strong one. What is the progression/emphasis you are looking for?

  2. Oh btw, it's come along so well. Looking really good. :)

  3. Looks great so far! I think the boat can work really well, you just need to push the graphic shapes of the light/dark areas. You could have the flowers laying length-wise in the boat instead of hanging out the sides. That way they would catch more light and would separate the sides of the boat from the top/inside.

  4. It's really beautiful Kat! I love the little boat and details you added. I'm not sure if the petals are too much, but I like the idea.

  5. Sweet painting! Love the colors and style. I think the idea of stuff floating around the glowing thing is cool, but maybe the size of the petals in your test image are too big. Awesome stuff so far though

  6. DAYUMMMM!! Really digging the colours.. there are so mysterious and juicy... :D