Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 8 homework progress - Katherine Rasmussen

Hi everyone.

 I just wanted to give a quick update on my progress. I'm moving forward with this piece for the time being. I spent some time thinking about my character and costuming and spent a few hours last night taking some reference. I'm pretty happy with it. It still looks cut out and needs some color balancing, but I like where it's headed and will start painting into it. 

I'd appreciate any feedback or ideas! Going to work on it quite a bit more before class.

I'd also really like to see everyone else's progress. I'm so excited about how this class is going. 


I've refined a bit and added more elements back into the painting. I was doing a line drawing overlay in pencils to focus on design when it became clear that there might be some important scale issues with the bores in the background. I shrank the bores and added more while also increasing the size of the character a bit.

Any advice on how to improve the scale and story read? Keeping in mind it needs to read on a small card. 

 - Kat


  1. You picked my favorite of yours! May I ask why you are deciding to go with drapery instead of that native/forest style that you had before? :P

    1. Thanks! This is my favorite as well so I figured to switch to focusing on this one instead. I changed her costume to more drapery because I felt like the costume I had before seemed way too much like some hippie in the forest and not a high priest. So with some more dramatic drapery I figured:
      1. the character would fit the prompt better. High priestess and not silly hippie wandering the woods with flowers and candles.
      2. The hood adds a bit more outlandish mystery (I hope). I'm thinking I'll paint some more ornate stuff it.

    2. Those are all agreeable reasons! It certainly brings some gravitas to the scene. One challenge seems to be unifying the formality with the untouched nature vibe your environment. Who knows, maybe even pushing the contrast between those two characteristics could end up with a phenomenal piece!

  2. Cool stuff! Lol is that you posing for reference? That's awesome! I'm thinking that if I was Joe Schmoe or a kid playing a magic card about sacrifice, that I wouldn't get a easy read of sacrifice here. Maybe play around a bit more with what the girl is doing. Good luck!

    1. Thanks Linus. Yeah that's me! I dont think anyone else would put up with how long this photoshoot took. BTW if anyone needs help with getting reference photos at the school, I'll always volunteer. It's super fun and you actually learn a lot about poses when you model them yourself.

      I initially had her simply placing the bowl into the water with one hand, but I liked the visual interaction when we tried placing flowers into the bowl. The light on the hand looked really interesting. It didnt seem like a big change but maybe it's confusing now. I'll ask around and see how others feel about it. Maybe it just needs some small adjusting